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Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank


This Fingerprint lock screen is fantastic for entertainment purposes only. They can be a trick to unlock your phone and you can now make use of it to prank best freinds and family Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank can be described as prank app to keep things interesting and entertaining purposes, You possibly can lock and unlock your touch-screen phone benefits of the fingerprint! Get fun with FINGERPRINT LOCK ! Please keep in mind that this app this app was established to simulate a fingerprint scanner and Android phone will not have this feature yet. As you can imagine that phone screen should not be utilized as being a bio-metric fingerprint scanner in the meantime. It provides you some cool additional features to discover. This may not be a good replacement for a traditional lock screen and is not for security purposes. Fractional treatments ought to be supported from hardware level. It truely does work great as being a general lock screen however app just isnt going to actually scan your own personal "finger print" as being the screen of android cellular phone doesnt have biometrics system functionality for some reason reacts to touch but it surely is successful as being a general lock screen, An amazing new finger marks scanner lock screen for android phones. You possibly can lock and unlock your phone benefits of the fingerprint! Get fun with FINGERPRINT LOCK!To make use of this app really is easy, I demonstrate The method that you use :1- Unlock your phone any extra finger scanned for a number of seconds.2- Tap touch panel while app analizes your fingerprint.3- It is going to scan your fingerprint.4- Lock your phone, Make it protected against noisy friends!FEATURES :* If identity is unverified then present you with small black cat what this means is verify your identity again * Best animations and graphics for unlock screen.* Specifically created to cooperate with new HD mobile phone devices and tablets.* When scanning division of screen is touched the vibration and identity verification start.* May seem like a complete fingerprint scanner.* If identity is verified then supply you with a smaller icon together with your phone screen unlocked.Note: all keys disabled through this screen lock employing some devices home key not disabled as a result of android security reason. This app is ideal for entertainment purposes limited to (pranks, jokes).It would be better if you support our company with five stars to allow us do more enjoyable apps, and merely leave a remark bellow for additional features.Many thanks